Tuesday, October 6, 2015


At the forum at Furman University in Greenville, S.C., Mr. Bush boasted of his pro-gun record as Florida governor, recalling awards he received from the National Rifle Association and noting that he once received a gun from the group’s former president, Charlton Heston.

The current shadow play on the world stage is frightening to anyone who understands the real issues behind big-media propaganda. Two major threats to human civilization, perhaps to the survival of the species, are climate deterioration (not just "change") and overpopulation. All the conflicts currently being waged and described as ideological are based in these two major threats to humanity. Yet neither of these threats is consistently considered in reporting on conflict and its side effects, like migration for one. 

Americans drop everything for soul searching about legalistic gun control for a the length of a news cycle , while the American weapons industry, along with others, fuels murder and conflict around the globe. NATO and Turkey bitch at Russia about air space violations while ISIS serial murderers hide themselves among civilian populations whom they then terrorize and torture in the name of Allah. Yet no commentators look at the effects of desertification and overpopulation in the predominantly Muslim parts of the world. 

Government has become a computer game, played by international oil magnates, stock traders and corporate CEOs. Politics, the sad entertainment arm of government, has become the realm of clownish overstatement (Trump, Cruz, Putin) and unprincipled doublespeak (Clinton, Le Pen, Merkel). Brussels promotes its elitist agenda with nose held high above the masses of its own European populations. Sadly, Beijing now represents a standard of issue-driven and pragmatic leadership, despite its abysmal human rights record. 

In answer to my own leading question, I say I assume they do get it. However, those in leadership around the globe are doing what politicians in government do: They are feathering their own nests. The best way to do this in an age of overpopulation and environmental deterioration is to bow to the will of those with wealth. Joining and staying in the top 10% are the goals for those in power, elected or otherwise. Their lack of effectiveness at facing down ignorance and poverty with sound science to deal with overpopulation and environmental deterioration is the evidence. They are fiddling as the planet burns. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Laurie Anderson in 2014.

Laurie Anderson's latest performance/media art piece is typically Manhattan and typically glossy. "Habeas Corpus" presents the holographic  broadcast image of a released Guantanamo terrorist suspect, whom I shall not name in imitation of the Oregon officials who do not want to inflate the image of a mass murderer. The outstanding provenance of this man is his dubious distinction of being the youngest Guantanamo detainee, imprisoned there from ages 14-22.

In an age of religious extremism, religious war, mass migration and deteriorating human ecology, Anderson's idea has to be seen as a vain attempt to shift focus on this one individual among the 7 billion of us. Why this choice? It seems to me that Anderson subscribes to the current 'we are all victims' ideology which fuels the contemporary cult of equivocation as resistance to hard reasoning and realistic assessment of the human condition.

The simple fact is that Laurie Anderson is as much part of the cult of celebrity as anyone. Like most performers, she seeks relevance to gain attention. But her purpose is indeed attention for Laurie Anderson. Using this controversial subject, an accused terrorist, is great fodder for that attention in post-911 Manhattan, where the international elite play at being enlightened at the expense of the millions each of them exploits through corporate capitalism.

Focus on the individual, the anecdotal perhaps, is no way out of the current environmental and ethical crisis of our age. Yes, it may be one way of understanding the issues more deeply, but not to the tune of millions of dollars wasted on lighting and special effects in Manhattan. I find this latest venture of Laurie Anderson very disappointing. She has slipped from cutting edge to vain exhibitionism.

Friday, October 2, 2015


The basic con of patriarchal religions is original sin, or the sin of challenging the patriarch's divine control. The Garden of Eden, the basic human myth of Genesis, is a cautionary tale against knowledge and exploration of biological humanity in the context of a greater planetary ecology. 

At its conception, this myth and those like it were most likely a useful manipulation of primitive human population by their elites, who became elites by aggression, greed and violence.  The elites stood as the representatives of the patriarchal god(s). The conscious merging of culturally polytheistic religions by Jewish, Christian and Muslim elites in subsequent generations in the western hemisphere of the planet concentrated the myth of original sin into a form of mind-controlling indoctrination to keep the ignorant in their place.

To aspire above your birth, your lot in life, was to sin. It was to eat of the fruit of The Tree of Knowledge. However, the root fallacy of this indoctrination tool which worked well for centuries of human development has been exposed by science. The vicious suppression of science, still present today among religious fundamentalists, is a reaction against science's challenge of social hierarchies and patriarchal control. Science exposes the basic con, the basic scam, of all patriarchal religion. 

This morning on BBC's Hardtalk, I listened as an Anglican bishop from Pakistan defend patriarchy. The man is the son of a Muslim-to-Christian convert. This conversion may seem stunning on its surface, but his positions on patriarchy and social issues are entirely consistent with those of fundamentalist Muslims. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Prince Metternich by Thomas Lawrence

Americans cling to their assumed naivete about the world outside our borders, while their government maintains a foreign policy in support of ruthless religiosity and inequality around the globe. American foreign policy is not wise or scientific. It is based on the same balance-of-power strategies of Metternich's 19th century Austrian Empire. And it simply fails nearly every time for everyone except American business interests.

I suggest reading this excellent article about a key figure in the formation of what is now ISIS. It is about an execution in Jordan. It reveals the dark side of our most praised ally in the Middle East. It also provides some insight into the disparity that exists between the lives of average citizens in America and in Muslim monarchies. 

The article:

The king demanded vengeance and ‘Zarqawi’s woman’ was sent to the gallows

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Acceptance is the foundation of all religions. That is acceptance of the status quo, which is founded on patriarchy, misogyny, homophobia, power, greed, war, etc.. Those who worship anthropomorphic gods are the most primitive. Those who rationalize the Universe into a neat package of intelligent design of some indeterminate single designer are not much more advanced in terms of their social progressiveness. 

Even the least idolatrous forms of organized Buddhism, a philosophy founded on individualism and discovery of the capacity of consciousness, lean toward acceptance of the patriarchal status quo, based in the cultures within which these forms of Buddhism have evolved. The iconic Zen Master, for example, is the patriarchal archetype. The novitiates are his children. 

Science, in its true form of skeptical inquiry, will always be anti-God for this reason, because science is based on a relentless challenging of the status quo. Progress relies on science for this very reason. Religion rejects science for this very reason. Therefore, progress and religion are basically incompatible.

Friday, September 25, 2015


My favorite radio interview program is Hardtalk on BBC. It is the antithesis of American TV or talk radio. It is intelligent, confrontational and topical. It hosts major figures from all over the world.

Today's Hardtalk can speak for itself. Hungary's Foreign Minister explains the Hunagrian experience with the current invasion of Europe by economic migrants and refugees.