Thursday, March 26, 2015

BIMBOSITY (bim-BOH-sit-tee)

The homosexual male culture is rapidly evolving in the wake of legally validated relationships. Unfortunately, evolution is always a messy business. The common garden slug is a good example.

The dark closet's door has opened into the bright light of new media. We are far from the small, gray-suited demonstrations of the Mattachine Society on Manhattan and D.C. streets. We now have Pride, the evolved version of human rights protests, transformed into block parties and parades with corporate sponsors. Gay men do like to party.

The development of widely popular bimbosity, the quality of the common or uncommon bimbo, in social media and other internet media heralds a new age of gayness, an age comparable to 1950s and 1960s heterosexuality, during which the blinding stardom of the bimbo blondes reigned. Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe were the outstanding bimbo-portrayers of their time.

There is a subtle difference. Today's gay bimbos on Youtube and elsewhere are not portraying bimbos; they appear to be sincere and proud bimbos. I cite two examples:

Davey Wavey is a bimbosity trailblazer. He is getting long in the tooth for a media bimbo, but he has staying power. His monologue videos are done shirtless, displaying his magnificent pectorals, just as alluring to a gay man as the massive breasts of Mansfield and Monroe. Davey Wavey imparts observations and wisdom on being a young(ish) gay man, an occupation and state of being to which he was born with natural attributes and talents. The real process of the videos, however, is his ability to flirt and entice through a lens. This is a core value of bimbosity. I will add that Davey Wavey often has some good advice for the young gay man who is just coming into his stride. Like Mansfield and Monroe, he is intelligently bimbosious.

Bryan Hawn is a rising bimbosity superstar on Youtube and elsewhere. His posted resume includes being a body model (underwear), a lip-sync artist who does parodies of gay pop icons while flexing, bending and primping, a fitness expert who specializes in big butts and a zoologist(?). Despite growing up in a wealthy Atlanta home, Bryan has no real credentials (or post-secondary education) that qualify him as a zoologist, but I do see he illegally purchased a zoo animal (hyena), so perhaps he means he is a zoo-ologist.  It's an easy mistake to make, if you are a bimbo.

This advance in gay culture may strike some as encouraging. I will admit it leaves me scratching my head. Was it really worth all the trouble to swap a genuine sexual revolution for soft-porn icons and their videos? Are Davey's pecs and Bryan's ass the sum total of our liberation? To the uninitiated, I am afraid it may seem so. I dislike the thought that a blossoming gay teen in Oklahoma, or perhaps Afghanistan, will find these bimbos on line as their first exposure to what it means to be a gay man. It gives a whole new meaning to "It gets better."  I hope it does.

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