Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I hate clutter. That does not mean that I avoid having some around. Life seems to conspire to gather clutter in the corners of my days. I do my best to clear it away and sweep up the dust which inevitably accumulates around the clutter.
My mind similarly resists clutter, but I am obsessive compulsive and find that certain problems, tasks or people get trapped in my head. Eventually, when this happens, it reaches a critical mass. That's when I come out of my daily meditation with a resolve to purge my mind as much while awake as when meditating. I 'white light' my mind whenever I feel the creeping clutter of thoughts encroaching. I focus on a concrete task, usually something distasteful, which I have been putting off.
After rearranging the contents of my bathroom vanity or caulking a leaky window frame or sweeping the patio, I can usually take a deep breath and feel free of my mental clutter. The nagging problem has been deflated into a simple task with evident solutions. The anxiety-provoking task seems less daunting. The aggravating person is better understood or forgotten. Clutter has transformed to manageable list of stuff...just life's stuff...waiting for resolution, step by step.
Clutter can obscure the simple way. Clutter can obscure those things in shadowy corners which need to be addressed in the light. Accumulating clutter is a symptom of avoiding correct action and correct thought.

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