Thursday, April 23, 2015


This morning I was treated to a brief interview on BBC World Service with an Italian Catholic bishop who proclaimed that illegal migration can somehow be solved with "brotherly love". "We are all brothers and sisters," he proclaimed sanctimoniously. Really? These words came from a representative of a religion which condemns birth control and family planning in the underdeveloped world, where it has its greatest sway on human minds and behaviors. The bishop downplayed the significance of law. He said love trumps law. This is simplistic nonsense.
This air-headed prescription for a global problem does not surprise. Religion is simplistic. It is based on a good-bad paradigm. That does not allow for much complex thinking with scientific analysis and experimentation. It also does not make for good law or law enforcement, as evidenced by the judgments of The Inquisition, The Reformation and Sharia.
The current wave of illegal migration is a business. It is the business of criminals who exploit those who are desperate and/or less prone to legal behavior themselves. These criminals are not my brothers and sisters. The E.U. is rationally looking at prevention in this light. The E.U. is largely a less religious region of the world due to high levels of law enforcement, public education, human rights legislation to promote feminist development, and a scientific approach to governance.

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