Sunday, April 5, 2015


Photo: David Icke from We Are Change.

David Icke's site has an interesting revelation. It seems that some Fundamentalist Christian ministers in the U.S. are preaching martial law as the new American 'freedom'. Yes, their theme is simple: Freedom means freedom to submit to government control. Mind you, these lunatics come from the same tradition that preaches Libertarian values, based on an imaginary U.S. Constitution, which they interpret in the same demented way they interpret The Bible. 
I find it interesting that this appears on David Icke's (link to his bio) site. Icke himself is no stranger to the lunatic fringe. Perhaps that is why his radar is finely tuned to trends of counter-lunacy from the political/religious Right.
In any case, the videos in the post speak for themselves. This raised the thought in my mind about the Religious Right's embracing of the term "Islamophobia". Yes, there are many in the homophobic, xenophobic and misogynist Christian Right who would defend Islamic ideology, despite its propensity to inspire atrocity. Why wouldn't they? Islam, according to some, means "I submit". Perhaps Fundamentalist Christian pastors imagine themselves as shepherds with automatic rifles, eager to decapitate anyone who dares teach evolution or advocate family planning.
The Christian Right in the U.S. has similar social and political views to those of the Saudi Arabians. They abhor women's assertion of the right to control their own bodies. They condemn homosexuals. They are anti-scientific in any area that challenges their outdated beliefs. They exploit modern capitalism for all its benefits while shedding crocodile tears for its victims. It seems the only point of disagreement is Israel's right to exist, but it should be recognized that Fundamentalist Christians do not believe that Jews can be saved unless they eventually embrace Christ as their Redeemer on the day of Final Judgment, speculated to begin in Jerusalem. (I guess it will be dark in Oklahoma and Texas on that day. That seems appropriate.)

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