Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Photo from Wikimedia Commons: Lake Mead

The issue of fresh water will perhaps be the first harbinger of climate collapse due to human overpopulation. Wealthy California cannot buy its way out of its current water crisis any time soon. It is the most populous state of the United States. This is not coincidental.
Nestle corporation has been buying fresh water rights planet-wide. Why? Profits. This is a glaring example of the evils of corporate rule. Corporations exist for profit, not for humanitarian principles.
Think of all the water that is wasted in the production of harmfully sweet beverages at donut and coffee franchises, at carbonated-beverage plants. Think of all the fresh water which is used to make beer. Yet, in California, the controversy has focused on irrigation methods for growing food. Really? Growing food is the problem?
As a person living in a water-rich area of the United States, I wonder what waves of migration may sweep into my area. What pressures will that place on my environment, on my taxes, on my personal access to fresh water.
Part of being a mindful and compassionate individual is being environmentally educated and aware. However, human overpopulation will produce a humanity that is dominated by survivalist selfishness. A survivalist humanity will be more ruthless and far less compassionate. Look at the societies on Earth that are now overpopulated in degraded environments. Develop your own conclusions.

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