Monday, April 27, 2015


Migrant boat off Italian coast.

Another widely misused word. I have been hearing the E.U.'s alarm at being invaded by thousands of illegal migrants described as xenophobic. Phobias are irrational fears. As with the misuse of islamophobia to describe a rational loathing of jihadist atrocities, the misuse of xenophobia is a liberal propagandist method to devalue the rational conservative objections of those who criticize invasion of borders by lawless masses in league with criminals.
Having pride in governmental and cultural advances to the degree that they are worthy of being protected from degradation by illegal invasion is not irrational. It is quite rational and practical.
The greatest flaw of modern liberalism is its masochistic tendency to assert knee-jerk reactions to any rational conservative policy. Some conservative policies are practical and scientifically sound. When they are impractical and scientifically unsound, such as religious ideology, they should be targeted by liberal minds with clinical precision, not whining sentimentality.

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