Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The mass media of my upbringing (1950s-1960s) was dominated by men who had come up from working class and lower middle class upbringings (1930s-1940s). They had lived the Great Depression and had lived through World War II. Men like Walter Cronkite spoke from personal experience of capitalist failure and violent madness which ripped across much of the planet.
Today's media are nepotistic country clubs of privileged children of the new aristocracy. Hollywood and New York are epicenters of these media and the breeding ground for the new privileged generation of producers, directors and actor-presenters. It is the 'it's all good' crowd for the most part.
This explains why mass media drip with insincere Liberalism while touting corporate capitalism, the source of much of the misery they decry. Media are not the only privileged places at the top of society in the U.S. and the rest of the developed world. The money industry has long been a hive of privileged social networks. Hip tech companies are led by people touched by the Ivy League brush. Entrepreneur is a labelled applied to someone who makes the relatively short leap from the bourgeoisie to the aristocracy through connections.
Our society, displaying a resurgence of the domination of the very rich over 90% of the population, is being pilfered by that small minority. It is an inside job. Politicians are selling the country to these people. Media is covering it up as much as possible by producing fear through very selective coverage of the rest of the world. They are in the business of making us afraid of terrorists and each other, while lulling us into complacency toward the sources of terror, orthodox religions in places like the U.S., Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and Iran. Religion allies with wealth because religion lives parasitically off wealth.
Eventually the rest of the 90% will wake up to the harsh realities being addressed by all-too-awake Black Americans and other disenfranchised minorities. However, I fear this will come too late to effectively overturn the plunder which the top 10% are already getting away with. As we have seen in Detroit, Baltimore and other cities on the verge of revolution, the retaliation of the wealthy through corrupted government can lead to even deeper human misery.

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