Thursday, May 21, 2015


Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has introduced a novel idea: The rule of law. Europe is reeling from an invasion by human traffickers and their clients. Liberals in Europe have fallen into the typical Liberal trap of defending the invaders as hapless victims of circumstance. This form of self-congratulatory compassion is not compassionate to those legal citizens of a country who suffer the consequences of an illegal invasion. In other words, it is not compassion. It is political posturing.
Progressives turn to progressive strategy, based in tested law. For example, it is progressive to grant the same rights to LGBTQ people that are guaranteed by general human rights law, since homosexuals are humans. It is progressive to tax the wealthy at the same rates as the rest of us by eliminating loopholes which allow them to avoid paying taxes. Mr. Cameron is being progressive when he applies criminal law to all lawless transgressors in his own country, including illegal immigrants. This ends the non-progressive immunity from law provided previously to illegal immigrants. That immunity was an injustice to those lawful citizens in Britain who were paying the price environmentally and financially for hosting exploitative illegal immigrants.
The recent migration of masses with no consideration on their part of the consequences of their actions upon the countries they wish to enter illegally is no different in its impact than previous colonizing by nations seeking empire in previous eras. Colonization, whether organized or not, disrupts a native culture and causes damage to the members of that culture. Those who defend the current attempts to colonize Europe or the U.S. with disregard for law on the basis of previous colonizing actions by previous generations are using false logic. The military colonization of the 18th and 19th centuries was damaging to native cultures worldwide. The de facto colonization of the 21st century by illegal migrants will be damaging to native cultures worldwide.
Globally negotiated and legislated immigration rights and policies could be a progressive gift to the human species. Current immigration policies are driven by corporate economics and politics, not scientific and ethical principles. More sensible immigration policies in developed nations could do wonders in alleviating conflict, poverty and overpopulation in underdeveloped nations. The current wave of illegal immigration does nothing to sustainably improve the human condition overall.

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