Sunday, May 31, 2015


I have been seeing occasional posts on Liberal sites about "poor shaming". These articles seek to shame those who place restriction on welfare benefits for the poor. They see fiscal conservatism in this area as "poor shaming". The fact is that middle class Americans have been raped by big business and are struggling to maintain their comfy lifestyles of travel, entertainment and college for all their kids.
Kicking the poor to the curb is easier than giving the boss the finger and going out on strike for higher wages and better benefits. Kicking the poor to the curb is easier than demonstrating in the face of a militarized police force. Middle class Americans are not used to those risks. They prefer to babble on about the risk of being an entrepreneur. You know, like being a housewife who does video porn on the side.
On the other side of "poor shaming" are the generational poor, who have devised a means to survive within their own definition of comfort. Work avoidance, subsidized housing, having children for government child payments, lottery tickets, lots of fast food and beer. The food pantry industry would have you believe that the streets of urban America are lined with emaciated wretches with begging bowls. This is not what I see in my slice of urban America. I see grossly obese women with piled food carts, filled with corporate processed foods and red meat. They are paying for their food with government EBT cards, which I help pay for with taxes. They don't look the least bit ashamed.
Rather than focusing on the money, an American nearsightedness, politicians might focus on the causes of poverty. Addressing the causes may actually save their constituents more money than counting every penny that is doled out in the status quo. How about subsidizing poor girls from childhood who are willing to forego pregnancy until they have achieved a master's degree? Why not? Free charter school, free college, free grad school. Fast track acceptance, based on performance to state-funded institutions of learning. Throw in a living-expense subsidy to boot. Get them out of the ghetto and into a learning atmosphere on a college campus.
The same could be done for rehabilitated childless felons from poor backgrounds. The one condition being the recipients' contractual agreement to restrain from procreation until they have achieved a degree or vocational training and related job. Let's fill our public colleges and universities with the brightest young people from the poorest backgrounds.

Since the middle class has little respect for government and seems content with their state of decline, let them figure out how to get their children educated without government assistance. Meanwhile, we could educate generations of formerly poor Americans who can then produce self-sufficient families with the benefits of learning and maturity.

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