Thursday, May 28, 2015


His Majesty Sepp Blatter, FIFA President.

The current FIFA scandal is just the tip of the cancer of professional sports. While I do not doubt that a friendly team game among children is a good training tool, I think adults pulverizing one another for money are nothing more than modern gladiators, a mass distraction. Gambling fuels most professional sports and the sports fuel gambling. That gambling is the province of organized crime.
Universities in the U.S. have become craven addicts to sports money. The money drawn from student loans is not enough to build five-star campuses. Big sporting profiles are used to garner alumni support, corporate sponsorship and media contracts. The vehement opposition to paying college athletes by universities belied their financial exploitation of sports for profits. College athletes who cannot read or spell do not present sterling role models to children.
Heterosexual male identity has traditionally been tied to organized sports. Bullying of homosexual boys by homophobic fathers and peers often begins when a boy refuses to participate in team sports. My own father, who had played professional minor-league basketball, pushed me to join sports teams to no avail. He was clear about his deep disappointment in my passive resistance to his pushing. It took a quiet word from two sports coaches to get him to stop.
The sports-promotion industry has brainwashed heterosexual males into equating sports with male bonding. Sports allow men to be together physically. They help many men to sublimate whatever male-male sexual feelings they may experience. They give many ostensibly heterosexual men a place of refuge from women and children in their lives. Sports events and gatherings are also places which encourage alcohol consumption. The alcohol industry has a great deal invested in promoting organized sports.
The wealthy 1% buy and sell professional sports teams for fun and profit. This alone should point to the corruption in professional sports. Sports, like the Roman games, are a mass distraction to milk and control the underclasses.

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