Saturday, June 27, 2015


I appreciate the long overdue affirmation by five of you that I am a human being in Constitutional terms. As for the rest of you, your humanity is not in question, but your humanism is most definitely.
I could have saved you the trouble in my own case. You see, I have known I have been a human being all my conscious life. I abandoned my need for validation from the likes of you 45 years ago when I walked away from my own parents after they subjected me to verbal and physical abuse for being an open homosexual. I ceased looking for permission or approval from those who benefit from patriarchy. I have been out and about without regrets. I have taken the jibes, the rejection by friends and potential employers, and the insults on the street without your help. I have made love, received love and given myself lovingly without your permission or validation.
All of you, even the five of you who deemed me entitled to my humanity, are part of an evil patriarchal system which thrives on its own rules, makes it hard for decent people without birth privilege to thrive, and attempts to crush those who expose its hypocrisy, its violence and its refusal to change. Unfortunately, many of the wealthy LGBTQ people who are queuing up to get married are part of that same patriarchal system, having been born into privilege. Marriage for them is just another way to secure their privileges and social dominance.
And who made you all supreme anyway? I believe your lifetime tenure is one huge flaw in our Constitution. Are you God-chosen kings and queens? No. Are you hereditary nobles? No. So why must we condone your supremacy over our laws for a lifetime, while you totter into senility? 

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