Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, has reached her apex, being a cover model on Vanity Fair. Fine for Caitlyn. Not so fine for society. When celebrity means having plastic surgery as an old man to become a 'young' female supermodel, we are living in the twisted land of the film Brazil(1985).
Jenner represents an entertainment elite who exploit the mob's need for freak shows. Ozzie Osborne and family found that their dysfunction meant financial resurrection. The Kardashians have followed the recipe to fame and wealth. They appeal to those in society who are in constant need of distraction from their own dissatisfactory lives. Network executives have no qualms. They get crazy people to eat living insects and vomit on camera for ads and profits.
Just because something is exalted by entertainment media does not mean it is functional, admirable or sane. Just because someone has the freedom to mutilate himself for attention does not mean it should be raised as a model of healthy behavior for society. There is little interest in modern media for hardworking people who maintain society in quietly nonviolent ways. There is no real work ethic projected by modern media in the U.S.. The message is: Get weird; get violent; get greedy...get whatever you need to get to get rich.

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