Saturday, June 6, 2015


The Orthodox Catholic Church encourages anti-gay actions in Ukraine.

Listening to the BBC World Service account of the attack on LGBT marchers in Kiev by masked thugs made me think after I heard the BBC presenter ask if there was any sign of growing "tolerance" for LGBT people in Ukraine. My first reaction: Tolerated? Like a cockroach in someone's kitchen or a crack in the ceiling?
Here in 2015, as people in media laud Caitlyn Jenner for being a supermodel, millions of homosexuals all over the world are trying to escape violent and condoned persecution. These people are not looking for high-priced plastic surgery. They are not seeking reparations for their ageless suffering. They are overwhelmingly nonviolent. Yet, they should hope to be tolerated?
Heterosexual domination blinds even the most well-meaning heterosexuals at times to their power over homosexuals in society through the law and social networks. Just as white people in societies dominated by white heterosexuals tend to take their racial advantage over people of color for granted, heterosexuals of all colors and both genders tend to ignore their feelings of superiority over LGBT people as a group.
Quite frankly, we homosexuals are the tolerant ones.

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