Friday, July 24, 2015


Anti-gay rally in Africa where Black lives matter...not LGBT lives.

President Obama, crowned King of Neo-Liberals by an anxious Rightist media in the West, will visit a country which has an abysmal human rights record concerning its LGBT citizens. But this is an afterthought, as Obama tries to seal his legacy as an African-American President before leaving office. The hypocrisy of Obama's Neo-Liberalism is not new.
As a gay adolescent, I endured the sanctification of John F. Kennedy, who, with his brother Robert, maintained the status quo of American queer-bashing in the good old-fashioned Roman Catholic way. And, they were enabled by a gay FBI director who was among the most twisted of gay men in history, along with Ray Cohn and Eugene McCarthy.
Obama has remained loyal to his cultural roots. He has grudgingly tackled gay issues, like gays in the U.S. military and gay marriage. However, his lack of enthusiasm in supporting these basic acknowledgments of the humanity of LGBT people has been glaringly evident. It will be interesting to see if Obama yields the advice of Kenyan politicians and social leaders to avoid speaking of LGBT rights.

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