Thursday, July 30, 2015


Beverly Scott had to resign from the directorship of my beloved MBTA here in Massachusetts shortly after the new governor, Charlie (not stuck on the MBTA) Baker, was inaugurated. Why? Well, in her tenure as director, Beverly tore down an already crippled public transit system to the point it was largely disabled whenever stressed. The past winter, 2014-2015, was a mass transit nightmare here in Boston. In my 55 years of using the MBTA, I had never seen whole-system closures on this scale.

Beverly ran from Boston. She had reasons. Her directorship was market by long absences and lavish travel on the public dollar. There wasn't a conference she didn't attend, it seems. She managed to run for any photo op or interview she could get with the media here in Boston as well. She did a great job of conning the public and fleecing the state's taxpayers.  

Lo and behold, she has been nominated for a 5-year appointment to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) by President Obama. Really? It is noteworthy that Ms. Scott is African-American. Now why would our African-American President choose to nominate an incompetent bureaucrat to a national post with a big salary and benefits?  Cronyism? Now wouldn't that be unbelievable?

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