Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Angela Merkel is not used to being booed by Germans, even though she is hated by Greeks. The working class people of Heidenau, a tire-producing city near Dresden, have been painted with the media's wide brush as reactionary fascists after some violent thugs burned down a migrant center in the city. Merkel was booed off the stage after a pro-migration speech yesterday in Heidenau.
Heidenau is illustrative of the conflict between the control of many global governments by the corporate elites and the will of citizens in those countries. Corporate-controlled media in developed countries labels those who protest the rule of the elites as rabble and dangerous extremists. We saw this during the early Occupy Movement. We saw this during the anti-globalization protests in the 1990's.
Germany has accepted 800,000 displaced migrants, largely from the Middle East. Germany's population is around 80 million. However, Germany's government has stated its interest in admitting many more migrants. And, it seems determined to crush any dissent against this policy. It has raised the specter of Germany's Nazi past as a propaganda tool to suppress protest. This is an extremist tactic for a German government, since the sensitivity of Germans to that past is very raw.
So who are the extremists here? I have placed a photo above of the peaceful protest of thousands of Heidenau residents against the migrant influx, which has caused culture shock in this orderly industrial city. This occurred prior to the violent and mindless burning of the migrant center. I have posted below a photo of the masked, ISIS-like, leftist pro-migrant protesters who came out in the dark after the attack on the migrant center. Ask yourself which group you would rather associate with.

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