Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The mounting migration crisis in Eastern Europe is fascinating to the press, who offer countless heart-rending anecdotes about women with children they had without any idea of how they were going to care for them and scoff at governmental leaders who are attempting to humanely protect their own boundaries and cultures. The promotion of a masochistic Christianity in the face of aggressive invasion by some is simply nuts. Here in the U.S., by the way, poverty among our own citizens is on the rise. Perhaps this is an eventual sacrifice Europeans wish to make in the name of corporate-globalist largess. Perhaps not. Only time will tell. 

The spearhead of the migration invasion of Europe is Muslim and Syrian. This may account for much of the concern of many rational citizens in invaded societies. However, Europe has worked itself into a corner by adopting the Islamaophobia myth which states than anyone who fears beheading and Sharia assassination for being gay (or female or sexually active outside of marriage or resistant to female genital mutilation) is a neurotic and unenlightened bigot.

Well, call me a bigot. At least I can hear you because I haven't been thrown off a building by ISIS or hanged by an Iranian mob or thrown into prison by an Egyptian court or knifed by a Muslim family member for being a gay man, and so on, and so on. 

The word "asylum" seems appropriate when discussing determinedly religious migrants from war-torn Islamic societies. Those who persist in their belief that the ideology which has subjugated them and alienated one sect from another to the point of destroying their home countries perhaps belong in an asylum. Those who are fleeing to The West and have had it with religion altogether may be tremendous contributors to world progress. They don't need an asylum. They need help and resettlement now. It seems to me this could easily be done with a simple means test: "Do you believe in The Prophet and an omnipotent Allah?" A similar means test could also be applied to other 'faiths'. 

This brings me to my point. I believe all gay men from Muslim countries deserve to be considered refugees from oppression. They should be granted immediate permanent visas by all Western countries which have decriminalized homosexuality. After all, didn't the U.S. grant immediate visas to Cubans, regardless of their circumstances, for simply coming into the U.S., based on that island's Communist regime? Being forced to live in a Communist system which is attempting to provide equal education, housing and employment for all seems like a walk in the park compared to the day-to-day lives of gay men in just about any Muslim country. 

So, how about it, Western democracies? Let the gay men in. Let the women who reject patriarchy in. Let the godless in. It is really for your own good. In fact, it may be one good way to prevent your democracies from degenerating into hyper-religious, conflict-ridden madhouses. 

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