Saturday, September 26, 2015


Acceptance is the foundation of all religions. That is acceptance of the status quo, which is founded on patriarchy, misogyny, homophobia, power, greed, war, etc.. Those who worship anthropomorphic gods are the most primitive. Those who rationalize the Universe into a neat package of intelligent design of some indeterminate single designer are not much more advanced in terms of their social progressiveness. 

Even the least idolatrous forms of organized Buddhism, a philosophy founded on individualism and discovery of the capacity of consciousness, lean toward acceptance of the patriarchal status quo, based in the cultures within which these forms of Buddhism have evolved. The iconic Zen Master, for example, is the patriarchal archetype. The novitiates are his children. 

Science, in its true form of skeptical inquiry, will always be anti-God for this reason, because science is based on a relentless challenging of the status quo. Progress relies on science for this very reason. Religion rejects science for this very reason. Therefore, progress and religion are basically incompatible.

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