Saturday, September 19, 2015


Since the EU has admitted hundreds of thousands of migrants without proper screening from countries which house Islamic terrorism, I propose that all international airports should immediately dismantle all security measures which impede the travel of the flying public. Why bother to search, interrogate and x-ray people who have paid money for a boarding pass with appropriate documentation? Why victimize them with scrutiny when the aggressive push past borders without regard for international law?

Few politicians in Europe have been brave enough to challenge the stupidity of yielding to aggressive mass migration. Yesterday on Russian Television (RT) I saw video of Syrian men throwing rocks at police in Croatia because the migrants were being prevented from forcing their entry onto trains. This morning I heard a BBC interviewer trying to shame a Hungarian member of the EU Parliament for stating the obvious: There will inevitably be violent consequences of allowing people from a religious war zone into Europe without proper vetting. 

So, why bother to monitor international airports? It seems a waste of time and money now that the doors of Europe are wide open to potential jihadists.

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