Sunday, September 27, 2015


Prince Metternich by Thomas Lawrence

Americans cling to their assumed naivete about the world outside our borders, while their government maintains a foreign policy in support of ruthless religiosity and inequality around the globe. American foreign policy is not wise or scientific. It is based on the same balance-of-power strategies of Metternich's 19th century Austrian Empire. And it simply fails nearly every time for everyone except American business interests.

I suggest reading this excellent article about a key figure in the formation of what is now ISIS. It is about an execution in Jordan. It reveals the dark side of our most praised ally in the Middle East. It also provides some insight into the disparity that exists between the lives of average citizens in America and in Muslim monarchies. 

The article:

The king demanded vengeance and ‘Zarqawi’s woman’ was sent to the gallows

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