Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Angry migrants demanding entry to E.U. in Hungary.

The American Religious Right staunchly decries social engineering whenever the issues of coordinated immigration, planned parenthood or gay rights come up. They demand the right to squelch sex education, squelch women's rights, deny residency to potentially valuable children of undocumented aliens and deny equal rights to homosexuals. Those reforms all represent social engineering, an evil according to their Libertarian mindset. 

I hear little comment from the Religious Right on the current influx of migrants into Europe. I don't hear Angela Merkel described as a social engineer on Fox News. I don't hear the E.U.'s sudden enthusiasm for hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa described by the American Right as social engineering. But what else can it be? Surrender? 

National borders have not been so massively overrun in Europe in the modern era. And certainly not by non-Europeans. In previous times, this would be seen as invasion. Now it is called migration, a suitably vague term, applied to the seasonal movements of herds of bovine creatures. 

Listening to Angela Merkel and other E.U. power brokers reveals the actual process: That is indeed social engineering. Of course, it is all wrapped up in Vatican-endorsed Christian charity, but the frequent references to the E.U.'s aging population in the context of capitalism tell a different story. Admitting these migrants is indeed corporate capitalist social engineering. 

I have no skin in this game, so I ethically reserve judgment on the consequences. However, I am not blind or stupid. Capitalism benefits those who have wealth at the expense of those who aspire to it and rarely achieve it. That is the con game. So who will benefit most from this social engineering theoretically? Well, if the capitalists get cheap labor and many more taxpayers, they will have managed to make a great deal of profit off the expense of the current taxpayers, since the wealthiest taxpayers pay the smallest proportion of taxes which go to accommodate and assimilate migrants. We have seen this work well for American business owners from farms to restaurants to construction companies. We have also seen the result in the deterioration of public education and quality of life in migrant epicenters, like Lawrence and Chelsea here in Massachusetts. 

So, is there any wonder why corporate capitalist media worldwide is pro-migration as it now stands in the E.U.? That aside, is there any wonder that the corporate global media, held in part by wealthy Saudi Arabians, would tout the advantages of hundreds of thousands of Islamic migrants into secular Europe at a time when The West is souring on petrochemical economies? And is there any wonder that the corporate media in the U.S. which bows to the likes of the Koch brothers, is going along for the ride? 

The simple reason why social engineering is feared based on history is that it has always been used by the wealthy or most vicious minority to subjugate the majority. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany are examples. But the French Revolution's Reign of Terror is another example. ISIS/ISIL/Daesh is another example. The Taliban in Afghanistan...another. While I suspect Angela Merkel and Pope Francis feel that their foray into social engineering is based on cheery goodness, it is not democratic. There has been no public referendum, just propaganda. And, in my understanding of history, the repercussions of this form of social engineering can be very grave. 

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