Friday, September 11, 2015


Viktor Orban, Hungarian PM, under fire for opposing aggressive migration.

Eastern European governments are being cast as the Scrooges of the invasive migrant crisis in the E.U. by corporate media. This is perhaps the most obvious evidence of the New Global Order demonizing those who protest against it. Eastern Europeans are former victims of more recent social engineering by the Soviets. They perhaps know better than Western Europeans where this form of domination, motivated by undemocratic goals, leads.

As I observed yesterday, the current E.U. reaction to aggressive movement of unexamined immigrants over its borders is not democratic. The E.U. reaction is based in idealized corporate capitalism. It is economic, not sociological. It does not take into consideration the disruption of stable populations by masses of people with post-traumatic syndromes. It does not take into consideration the destruction of indigenous cultures by hundreds of thousands of traumatized people from vastly different cultures, which have much less progressive value systems. 

Why would the elites of the E.U. neglect these considerations? Why would they force this cultural disruption on their citizens without democratic referendum? Why are they now crying out to the U.S. to help pay for and mollify their decisions, as they have often done? 

The migration crisis is a shadow play of the real global human crisis. Overpopulation of the poor and environmental deterioration of sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East have boiled over into the developed nations of the E.U.. The failure of progressives in the E.U. to face the cultural, political and economic chasms which lie between them and their neighbors in the name of politically correct hypocrisy has allowed the New Global Order of (heartless) corporate domination to foment crises through arms deals and profitable civil wars instead of frank cultural debate and constructive detente. The elites of the E.U. are dumping the disastrous results of their mismanagement on their populations, who have grown fat and complacent. I believe this is destined to reap a whirlwind of global social upheaval in the future. 

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