Tuesday, October 27, 2015


One of my neighbors is running for the Boston City Council. Annissa George is the wife of a major property developer. She and her husband own many investment properties in the city. They are building more and more, some sold as condominium at very high prices. This recent revelation was made in local newspapers about their overdue property tax bills. 

Annissa has her gaudy fuschia signs all over the neighborhood. Her name in bold black letters. She also owns a local yarn store, Stitch House. In fact, she and her husband have incorporated under the name Stitch House Real Estate, L.L.C.. It is notable that L.L.C. stands for "limited liability corporation". It doesn't take much to figure out what that means in terms of business practices and liability.

Anissa tried to get into office two years ago. She did not get elected. I found that surprising and rather reassuring. I have nothing personal against her or her husband. I just don't think absentee landlords on their scale belong in city government, which is expected to oversee and regulate the likes of the Georges. 

The Georges own a rental unit in a rundown condominium building which borders my property. When I wanted to trim the huge tree which sits in their yard and threatened to consume my house, I sent the Georges a certified letter, along with the other unit-owners behind me. It had a return address on it. My address is one street over from their own large house. Their letter came back to me long after the tree was trimmed. The letter was unopened and stamped "could not be delivered" by the post office. In other words, despite multiple attempts, the post office gave up trying to deliver the letter because the Georges would not sign for it.  It made me question what the Georges are afraid of? Or are they too busy to deal with a simple issue with a neighbor?

The best way for me as a voter to combat corruption in local government is to vote for candidates who inspire trust in their ethics. I am not impressed by the behavior of Annissa George as a neighbor. Therefore, I would not be prone to entrust her with the affairs of my neighborhood or my city. 

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