Sunday, October 11, 2015


Yesterday, I listened to Russia Today news while caulking some windows in my house. News makes me grumpy, of course, like a lot of things.

When you get old, you do have aches and pains. Your body inevitably malfunctions here and there. It's just the way it is. You can repaint an old house, but the old infrastructure behind the walls is still rotting away from wear and tear.

My grumpiness was lifted somewhat when I heard an interview with an Israeli pacifist who is actively denouncing Israeli militarism as it is marketed worldwide under the label of "security". The pacifist, who seemed to be near my age, was a jolly-looking man, somewhat plump with a white beard. He could do a good Santa without much added.

Then I saw this video this morning on Twitter. This old Palestinian in the video is acting out the frustration of many of us old men, who despise bullying and violence by anyone against anyone else, no matter what the rationalization.

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