Monday, November 16, 2015


Polish Foreign Minister-designate, Witold Waszczykowski

The Polish government has been resisting quotas of migrants from Syria. This is understandable from many historical perspectives. Poland has an ancient history of resistance to invasion by neighbors and from farther afield. Poland has been a buffer between religious rivalries for centuries. Its hardened Roman Catholicism is a symptom of this reactionary past, developed from frequent threats to its population's survival. Poles are not ignorant of what it means to be refugees. 

My maternal grandfather was born in Vilnius, Lithuania to ethnic Poles. My mother's primary education came from Polish nuns. I know a little about the Polish cultural mentality. While it can be xenophobic, it is also highly pragmatic. Poles excel in construction, engineering and science. The Polish diaspora in the U.S. and Europe peoples skilled trades. 

I recently suggested here that Syrian migrants, young people who are fleeing their homeland's plague of thuggery and violence, should be enlisted, restored to health and trained immediately with the highest level of military technology. Then they should be returned to Syria to win back their homeland as an organized peace-establishing force with the full support of those nations which really wish to help, rather than manipulate, Syria's future.

Apparently, the Polish Foreign Minister agrees. This makes sense. Migrants in interviews always proclaim their willingness to work for a better life. What better work than returning to claim their own homeland with the full support of the E.U. and NATO? 

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