Tuesday, November 3, 2015


First World War Canadian soldier with mustard gas burns.

The military-industrial complex lies at the heart of corporate capitalism. It is one of its driving engines. And it is evil. It is based in murder. It calls itself "defense", but promotes aggression worldwide to then defend against it. In other words, it is a system of self-propagation, like most bureaucracies. 

Recent revelations, conveniently late, about the U.S. military's use of its own soldiers to experiment with weapons of human mutilation and mass destruction, expose the heartless nature of both militarism and capitalism. These revelations also show that Corporate Capitalist government is no more humane than Soviet or previous Fascist governments. 

Patriotism is the bait which pulls impoverished citizens into the military with the false promise of security. This is an ancient ploy which dates back to ancient empires. It is a bait and switch of lethal nature. It poisons generations with the mental illness of the traumatized and twisted veterans who are dispersed without proper care into the general population. It drains society of resources to deal with the physical trauma it leaves behind. 

Accepting militarism as inevitable is a human failure, based in ignorance and fear. Those who rule, the elite 10%, are invested in maintaining that destructive concept. They profit from it. They divert attention from their own greed and predatory behaviors through war diplomacy. War and fear of it are used to indoctrinate populations to support their own oppression.

The first step to becoming a conscientious human being is a personal commitment to nonviolence. Investing in the corporate machine which fuels the military-industrial complex is collusion with violence. The dismantling of social security networks worldwide by corporate elites is a cynical attempt to divert those funds to stock markets, which fuel the military-industrial complex. Why? Because the elite 10% will need a large military-industrial complex to protect themselves from the uneducated and underfed masses of a polluted world, a world their greed is currently creating. 

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