Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Plomin has braved the sneers of the politically correct in Psychology in the U.S.. These less intelligent folks have politicized their field beyond scientific skepticism. They have chosen to worship the idol of Lowest Common Denominator, if that even exists in the common core math of failed U.S. public education. 

Plomin's scientific method seems quite sound. His genetic studies of intelligence include comparisons between identical and non-identical twin pairs with environmental variables. His bottom line indicates that intelligence (e.g., the ability to learn, process and use information) is indeed genetic. This is old news which has been obscured for decades by the "It's All Good" brigade. This same brigade has dismantled a working public education system in the U.S. in favor of feel-good policies. 

Why would any educated person fight against this science? Well, for one thing, to accept this science is to admit that one's own genetics are indeed fixed. For the wealthy and successful, this may seem more palatable. For those who become homeless drug addicts (and their parents), this may seem harder to comprehend and accept. For most parents, who do not genetically consider their legacy before reproducing, this requires accepting too much responsibility for their actions.

The merging of practiced racism with genetic observation since the 19th century has poisoned the topic for many. This is fine. However, this is not scientific. Science must look beyond the mundane to be science. 

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