Saturday, November 14, 2015


The barbarity of yesterday evening's attacks in Paris is less stunning than the ineffectiveness of the European authorities in preventing these attacks. Europe and North America spend trillions of dollars every year to maintain bloated security establishments: Military, espionage and police. Weapons production and sales to these corrupt bureaucracies constitute the lion's share of that taxpayer money. Where is the evidence of its worth today?

The military establishments of North America and Europe (NATO) have been ineffectual in the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Their lack of effective action has led to a migrant crisis/invasion which will corrode whatever domestic security exists in Europe. By choosing to view Syria as a chess piece in a global game between Sunni and Shiite, Russia and The West, Saudi Arabia and Iran, our security establishments have failed our civilian populations. 

The cynicism of politicians is evident whenever we are told that many secret plots were foiled, and that is why we feel safe. This is political cover for corruption and the exemption of the middle and upper classes from military service. A military draft would quickly stir the public in The West out of their apathy and chosen ignorance of the threat of religious fundamentalism to all of us. 

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