Sunday, December 13, 2015


U.S. and British media, increasingly influenced by Arab money, have been pouring pro-Arab, pro-Muslim propaganda into every news cycle. This is not insightful and balanced journalism. This is outright propaganda, bought and paid for.

Today's shining example is the touting of the first local elections in Saudi Arabia which "allowed" women voters to participate. Check your calendars, folks. Yes, it is almost 2016, nearly a century after women attained voting rights in the civilized world. These local elections in the Saudi Kingdom (yes it is a kingdom of absolute monarchs) are comparable to city council elections in democracies. The local councils have little power. They basically operate as henchmen for autocratic aristocrats. 

As a pro-feminist man, I abhor the conditions of women in countries which are still dominated by patriarchal systems. Roman Catholicism, traditional Islam and orthodox Judaism are tools of population - especially female population - control by patriarchs. The recent flush of pro-Vatican and pro-Saudi press is not simply reporting. It is the propaganda of the 1% who are aligned with these vestiges of patriarchal domination. Those journalists who submit to this cover-up should be ashamed. Those women in democracies who participate in rationalizing female oppression should also be ashamed of their selfish disregard for the plight of their sisters. 

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