Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Reichen and Ryan, Gay Media Power-Couple.

I just stumbled upon a piece of cable-TV trash called A-List New York. It is another crap production of Logo, a channel which caters to a certain segment of the LGBT population. 

Here at forty-five years after I came out as gay to promote Gay Liberation in my own various social spheres in the U.S., I am confronted with some of the most vapid homosexual men on the planet, promoted by a supposedly gay TV network as icons. I am left feeling that nearly half a century of political and social evolution have been wasted on these airheads.

The cause of homosexual liberation has morphed into a campaign to mimic the worst of heterosexual media and culture. Ephemeral marriages between aspiring actors and supermodels. Plastic surgery and phony bleached smiles. Swishy attitude and winter tans. 

It's all like a Rock-Hudson-movie nightmare. And I am sure the heterosexual men who still control corporate America love it. They can denigrate us from within, while claiming to sponsor minority media. They can profit from advertising while promoting a lifestyle which will continue to keep gay men lodged in stereotype as powerless, fatuous and uncommitted to anything other than "fun".

Once again I am left wondering why I bothered to work for gay rights to have them squandered on this swill. I now understand Quentin Crisp's skepticism about Gay Liberation. 

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