Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Radical Muslim mass murderers of San Bernardino, California.

The justifiable media and political reaction to Donald Trump's proposed reaction to the recent San Bernardino, California massacre tends toward hysterical defensiveness. Banning Muslim refugees is most likely illegal constitutionally. However, his comments have raised an important issue which the press and politicians refuse to address in the interests of appeasing OPEC billionaires. 

Despite the violent devastation brought about worldwide by fundamentalist Muslims, there is little or no evidence of an Islamic Reformation, similar to the Christian Reformation which propelled Western European culture from superstitious Middle Ages to scientific Renaissance. In fact, the wealthiest Muslim nation, Qatar, is the largest source of funding and recruits for jihadists in ISIS. Saudi Arabia, religious capital of the Muslim world, is entrenched in its Sharia Law system. It beheads, stones, lashes and maims hundreds of victims every year in the name of Islam. Iran, the epicenter of Shiite Islam, a sectarian-not-reformed Islam, carries out hanging and stoning of victims of "moral" crimes against the state. 

The Muslim world is in its Middle Ages. Muslims in The West refuse to address this issue openly. They carry on with their unbelievable defense of Islam as a "religion of peace". They are no different from any other cult. Scientologists, Mormons and other marginal religious groups are similarly irrational in their beliefs. However, Muslims are in deep denial of their subscription to a religion which is practiced worldwide as shamelessly misogynist, violent and homophobic. 

Where is the commitment of Western Muslims to true reformation? Where is the actual delivery of peaceful Islamic practice by way of political and media condemnation of orthodoxy in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, and other predominantly Muslim places where innocent, peaceful women and homosexuals are killed daily? Droning the chant, "Islam is a religion of peace.", is simply bullshit without visible evidence of masses of liberated Muslims condemning Islamic orthodoxy. 

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