Saturday, December 26, 2015


In this season of giving and gratitude, I want to thank you, Islamic State, for illustrating the lunacy of religion. You are doing for Islam what the Spanish Inquisition (1478 CE to 1834 CE) did for Roman Catholicism. Granted, you're a little behind schedule, a mere six centuries. But the late bloomer often gets the job done just as well as the enfant terrible. After all, it has taken almost four centuries to redirect Christianity toward its originally intended humanism. 

Perhaps your timing and methods are best suited to our age of violent entertainment. Just shooting people no longer impresses. Suicide bombers have become a bit passe. Ah, but kidnapping, beheading, stoning, tossing people off roofs and harvesting infidel organs for sale to wealthy Muslims, all on digital video ... brilliant. That individualized horror is just what is needed to wake up those who feel invulnerable. 

I hope you inspire dissidents within Islam who will tear apart orthodoxy in Islamic faiths as well as Martin Luther, John Knox and John Calvin tore apart Vatican-dictated Christianity. Those dissidents within will do a better job than ex-Muslims at reforming your religion on the basis of education, intelligence and critical thought. After all, universities in The West won't even let those ex-Muslims speak to their students. 

People in The West are indeed frightened by your methods. What sane, civilized person wouldn't be afraid of a lunatic with a sword , a bomb or a gun? But that's my point. That fear will eventually outweigh the complacent political correctness being used to intimidate and sedate the masses by the Western wealthy in league with the autocrats of the Muslim world. When enough people in The West get scared, the fire will rain from the heavens above you. And, in The West, Muslim reformers will feel free to come forward loudly against their autocratic sponsors.

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