Monday, January 4, 2016


Head of Russian Orthodox Church and Christian Terrorist 

I recommend Campaign of Hate:Russia and Gay Propagandaa documentary, now on Netflix. 

Yesterday I wrote about the Middle Ages in Western Europe. Christian terrorism was rampant in Europe throughout the Middle Ages. Women were declared witches whenever they stood up to male authority or gained their own property. Geniuses were declared heretics. Pacifists were killed. Those who did not submit to Christianity were often tortured or slaughtered. As I wrote yesterday, one of the sanctified heroes of the Christian histories of the Middle Ages is Charlemagne, who massacred 4,500 prisoners of war in Verden in 782 CE because they were non-Christian.

The current obsession with the terrorism of ISIS and the terrorism of Saudi Arabia's aristocracy within its borders is understandable. However, perhaps this terrorism gains public outrage worldwide because it is directed at heterosexuals as well as LGBT people. 

In Russia, organized gangs of violent men are being supported and encouraged by the Russian Orthodox Church. They show up at any peaceful LGBT protest with printed homophobic sign boards. They stand in organized ranks. They then attack, maim or kill LGBT people with impunity in front of Russian police who do not intervene. If this is not terrorism, what is?

Vladimir Putin has mobilized the Orthodox Church in the same way Adolf Hitler mobilized his S.S. ideologues in his rise to power. Deniability allows him to operate a shadow progrom against LGBT people in Russia. By keeping LGBT people in the closet with mortal terror, he hopes to keep Russian citizens ignorant of the presence of LGBT people within their families and communities. Putin has bent the Russian psychiatric establishment to homophobic theory. Psychiatrists in Russia use homosexuality diagnostically as a tool to torture and imprison LGBT people for the government and Orthodox Church.

The basic human right to experience individual sexuality and loving sexual relationships is being denied Russian LGBT people. This is indeed terrorism. It is a form of torture and imprisonment in itself. While The West's governments whine over Russian territorial expansion, they largely ignore the plight of LGBT people in Russia. And this choice to look the other way is made by the LGBT population in The West as well.

Support Immigration Equality if you care. Support the Russian LGBT Network through ILGA.

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