Monday, January 25, 2016


I think it is about time we eliminated all hate speech with legislation, shaming, shunning and maybe even beheading. As an anal cancer survivor of 13 years I would like to see anyone who uses the word "asshole" arrested and placed in prison. The use of the word causes me deep pain and refers to my deprivation and oppression by the medical establishment which deprived me of a full and healthy sex life by treating my cancer. 

I think anyone who uses the word is anal-phobic. I think the British parliament should deny entry into the UK to anyone who uses the word. Think of the dangers of yelling "asshole" to a straight man in a crowded gay bar, for example. Imagine the encouragement that uttering this hateful word gives to sodomites of all varieties. The danger to our children is inestimable. 

I hope anyone who feels victimized by any word gets the constitutional right to have that word permanently stricken from the world's dictionaries. Just think how much smaller all the dictionaries would be. It would be so much easier for all of us to be more multicultural by learning foreign languages with fewer words. Humans might even simplify their lives by reverting to nods, head shakes and grunts. 

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