Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I will begin by once again saying that I would very much like to see a female U.S. President in my lifetime. That I even have to say this in the 21st century seems absolutely absurd to me, but women are still being mutilated and executed worldwide by religious and cultural misogynist bastards. My world and the world outside of my mind have seldom seemed to roll along in sync. Hillary Clinton may well be elected as the first female U.S. President. But one choice is no choice. 

Hillary Clinton, whose autobiography I have read, is an expert opportunist, like her husband. This is not rare in politics, but the hypocrisy of the Clintons is noteworthy. Seldom do two people get so much press for being exactly what they are not. They are neither progressive nor middle class. They are part of the international elite who are determined to keep power in the U.S.. They live in luxury. They mouth Liberal ideals. They court minorities. Meanwhile, they associate with the Bushes and their ilk. They are neck-deep in the Wall-Street-Big-Bank world. 

Watching Hillary Clinton hiding behind Barack Obama's accomplishments, as they are perceived by the Democrat faithfuls, tells me that Hillary stands for the same old crap that Washington has been doling out to the middle class since Ronald Reagan was the Alzheimer President. She is pro-business and pro-banks because those are her allies and contributors. As Secretary of State under Obama, it was their interests she represented during her endless globe-trotting, an expensive parade from one ally to another at great expense with nothing to show for it. In fact, the Middle East caught fire during her stint in that job. 

How sad it is that the United States has only two viable female candidates for president. And I am stretching by calling Carly Fiorina "viable". A Trump-Fiorina ticket would most likely be more representative of true American values, but not a real winning one. Americans will likely vote for their hypocrisy on election day, whichever way that blows. They might even elect Bernie Sanders, as they elected Obama. And, as they did with Obama, they may continue to elect a cut-throat conservative Congress to obstruct their stated ideals. 

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