Thursday, January 28, 2016


I recently read a post on Facebook which lauded an elitist organization for "condemning oppressive speech".  This is absurd. Speech cannot oppress. Cowardice in the face of oppressive speech can lead to oppression by violence and unjust laws. 75% of U.S. citizens owning guns is much more likely to lead to oppression of one sort of another than speech of any kind. Condemning oppressive speech does absolutely the opposite of its hypothetical intent. It simply engages the potential oppressor instead of defying and ignoring him/her. 

The recent preemptive whining of Liberals against free speech in the name of averting a new holocaust simply belies the weakness of their politics and real-world ethics. While defending corporate capitalism, they decry economic and social disparity, the source of all injustice. Liberalism, once the choice of the educated middle class, is now the province of the hypocritical elite. Why? Well, there isn't much educated middle class left in America, for one reason. The Liberal elite have stolen the wealth from the middle class under the nose of the most recent Liberal President of the United States. 

Howling against free speech, a la U.K.'s Parliament, is a symptom of the rich circling their wagons against the inevitable onslaught from both Left and Right. In the U.S., Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump represent the more civil sentiments of those two revolutionary camps. The mush in the middle, represented by the rest of the presidential candidates, represent the general mediocrity of politics with which rich Liberals and rich Conservatives are most comfortable. 

Perhaps it is time for some oppression. Oppression of the 1% for the benefit of the 99%. 

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