Sunday, January 17, 2016


There is great rejoicing in U.S. media. Iran is our friend. Isn't that nice. We can add Iran to our other list of great buds: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Thailand, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.. 

U.S. politicians are playing the same 18th-century monarchic chess game that failed to bring peace to Europe. In fact, the opposite is true. Balance-of-power politics led to two disastrous world wars which were the culmination of nation-building in central Europe in the 19th century. 

Turning a blind eye to Iran's brutal theocracy's disregard for human rights is convenient to soothe the desperation of the world's bankers over Syria and Iraq. What do bankers and stock brokers care about human rights? When the flood of illegal migrants into Europe brought repercussions, the pressure increased on Washington and Brussels to bring resolution in Syria. They have slowly caved to Putin and now will cave to Tehran. Eventually, they will accept and shelter the butcher, Assad. 

World politicians are living in pathological denial within their aristocratic clubhouses. By refusing to address climate catastrophe and overpopulation which are unsolvable with free-market capitalist dogma and manipulation, they are dragging out all the old methods which have never worked, like addicts looking through their dresser drawers for a neglected stash which they used up years ago. They refuse to look evil in others in the eye because they are not willing to look at their own in the mirror. 

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