Saturday, January 9, 2016


A Muslim woman, identifying herself with head scarf and yellow-star name tag (particularly ironic), was ejected from a Donald Trump political rally. Rose Hamid, the 56 year-old flight attendant, is articulate and seems to have good intentions. She explained to CNN that she went to the rally in North Carolina to let Trump supporters see that Muslims are not scary people. Her goal was to help stop hatred between people. Point taken. 

Her sartorial subscription to a religion which is misogynist, homophobic and quoted as inspiration worldwide by violent terrorists does take some of the power away from her methodology at a Republican media event. RuPaul walking on platform heels into a conservative mosque might not expect to deflate homophobic hatred. 

Trump's stupidity in introducing religion into his political campaign invites this reactionary injection of more unwanted religion into the campaign for the U.S. Presidency. Obama fell prey to a similar Constitution-wise failing in his campaign when he tried to court born-again and religious Black voters. His minister was later castigated for his passionate preaching about the U.S. government's racist and militaristic past. 

Similarly, Rose Hamid would do well to keep her religion out of national politics. We have had enough of that from Roman Catholics, fundamentalist Christians, Mormons and Zionists, thank you. Islam has polluted the politics of the Arab and Persian worlds for far too long with obvious results. Let's all try something different here. 

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