Thursday, January 7, 2016


Children who are raised without boundaries or lessons in ethics can easily develop the behaviors of sociopaths. Child-rearing and educational models have veered toward hands-off approaches for decades. The middle way of rational, positive conditioning (e.g., Skinner) has lost ground. The "babies are natural geniuses" movement of child-rearing is beginning to bear its fruit. Brutal, irrational child-rearing of fundamentalist religions bears similar results. Anyone who spends time on YouTube or Facebook probably knows what I am talking about.

I noticed recently, thanks to my broadband provider's improved metrics, that my data usage measured astronomically higher than what we are actually using within my house. Perhaps as much as five times higher each month. I manage my home network and have taken all the usual security precautions with little result. 

I decided to do some deeper research. Rampant theft of broadband, mostly unnoticed by those being ripped off, is a global problem. Stolen broadband is bought and sold on the Dark Web by hackers. It can be garnered stealthily from any home wireless or wired network invisibly. There are even how-to pages on line which explain how to do it. This is a large shadow economy. The Russian mafias are particularly adept at it. 

Broadband providers, running out of bandwidth, are developing plans to meter internet usage, just like electricity or gas. Soon, most users will most likely have to pay monthly bills considerably higher for broadband. If your broadband is being stolen and resold on the Dark Web, you will be subsidizing criminals. Broadband providers and the Federal government in the U.S. seem to be ineffectual at addressing the problem. Typically, white-collar, or bourgeois, crime is given a pass. And, internet crime requires some resources and education. 

As the world becomes overpopulated and resources dwindle, criminality will inevitably rise. This is simply how human beings have always acted in response to deprivation. And, the perception of deprivation is changing due to information technology in a time when wealth disparity is more and more obvious. Only those human beings who have an ethical foundation in their personalities will cooperate for the common good (social action) rather than plunder for selfish gain. That ethical foundation is instilled into the human brain very early in development by ethical parents and teachers. 

Overpopulation devalues the individual inevitably. Information technology, while creating an illusive virtual world for the narcissist, actually contributes to socially enslaving conformity in developed societies while exaggerating the sense of deprivation in underdeveloped societies. The internet is where alienated human beings live. It seems logical to expect that it will eventually display the symptoms of social dysfunction in measurable ways. 

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