Sunday, February 14, 2016


I recently found that I have been expunged from Google searches. Until recently, typing in my name brought up several results pertaining to my blogs on the first page. I did nothing to become stealthy on the Web. Wouldn't know how. Don't particularly care, since I write what I mean to say with measured words and try to be factual, not infallible. 

Last evening I came across a posting on my Facebook page. It had been posted by one of my Facebook "friends". It was an excerpt from a vile Facebook page about Bernie Sanders. I mean really hateful Fascist stuff, not droll mockery. So, I went to the page to see if this foul posting is an anomaly. No. The page is a forum for hate speech in my opinion. There were many homophobic comments. The word "faggot" was in in use...not f****t, but the actual word, bold as brass.

I am all for free speech. But I hate hypocrisy. Facebook has notified me on one occasion that my blog page would be suspended for a brief time due to a complaint. I pursued it, and it was dropped quickly. So, I thought I'd see if the standards were equally applied. I reported the site to Facebook's thought police. Well, I received an answer in less than 12 hours that the anti-Bernie site was well within Facebook's terms and conditions. 

My reaction is mixed, which may well reflect Facebook's own mixed mind. While I am thrilled that free speech is allowed on Facebook, I don't understand why they bother to have terms and conditions about speech at all. I still question whether gay bashing (or socialist bashing) might still be an acceptable form of humiliation in Facebook land, while other politically incorrect speech about gender, religion, ethnicity or race would be judged anathema. 

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