Friday, February 5, 2016


Hillary Clinton, who has openly stated that War Criminal Henry Kissinger is a good friend of hers, cannot be smeared. She has been at the heart of corrupt Arkansas and Washington politics for decades. Her husband, a philanderer and liar (to an entire nation), deregulated Wall Street, abandoned health care reform, abandoned LGBT rights, pushed through NAFTA. She and Bill Clinton flew to Manhattan after the presidency where they became entangled with the financial elite while operating under the guise of their Harlem/non-profit cover. As a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton supported the war policies of the Bush era, as carried on by Obama. She did nothing notable in the face of the meltdown in North Africa and Middle East. Instead, she was then running for the office she is now pursuing. Hillary Clinton is not a progressive. Yes, she is a woman, but, if you vote for the leader of our country on his/her gender above issues or ethics, you too are a mindless sexist. 

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