Thursday, February 4, 2016


Hillary Clinton's most die-hard fans are now reverting to the absolute baseline position concerning her candidacy: Hillary can break the glass ceiling to the U.S. presidency for women. This position sounds reasonable, but it is actually both sexist and irrational. It would not be, if Hillary were the most dedicated progressive candidate for the people. 

Hillary Clinton is a woman. Granted. However, she is also a wealthy woman who broke the class ceiling from modest middle class origins to the heights of Washington and Manhattan elite society. I do not doubt this took hard work, perseverance and a fair amount of finagling. White Water is an example of the later. I have read Hillary's version of this rise. 

Bernie Sanders represents the ability of some to break the class ceiling in the U.S.. He is the son and grandson of Polish Jewish immigrants, whose Polish family were eliminated in The Nazi Holocaust. Senator Sanders ran for office repeatedly in Yankee Vermont before becoming Mayor of Burlington. He has maintained his sensibilities from his work in the 1960's Civil Rights Movement, the Ant-War Movement and as co-founder of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. But Bernie Sanders doesn't beat his own drum based on his resume as a progressive, independent politician. He does not have to. 

Anyone who calls him/herself a progressive Democrat cannot deny that Bernie Sanders represents all the core values of The Left, while working successful in The Middle. Unlike, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Bernie has not swerved his ideals to The Right to gain and maintain power and personal profile. He has worked hard as a Senator for Vermont and for the American people. 

Bernie Sanders obviously wishes to pull others through the hole in the rather thick class ceiling here in 21st century America. Universal health care, taxing corporations, taxing the billionaires, funding public education in all communities to functional levels...these are the hammers aimed at insurance companies, banks and international corporations which will shatter a larger hole in the class ceiling in the U.S. and beyond. 

Hillary, I'm afraid, is too entranced with the elite world she has entered. She is not likely to make too many waves at the top of society. One glaring example is her badly concealed protection of health insurance companies when pressed on universal single-payer health care. Yes, she is a woman, a rich and famous Manhattan woman to the core. Perhaps she would fit in better as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.. 

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