Thursday, February 11, 2016


Yesterday, while I was on the treadmill at my gym, I made the mistake of tuning my earphones to WGBH, one of Boston's National Public Radio outlets. WGBH was among the first non-commercial educational media outlets in the U.S..  It had a proud tradition as a source of alternative TV and radio for decades. However, it is now more lauded as the American home of Downton Abbey, a program which excuses and sentimentalizes aristocratic privilege in 20th-century England.

WGBH has mimicked the worst of AM talk radio with a morning show, hosted by locals with suitable Boston accents. Yesterday's discussion was an autopsy of Tuesday's presidential primary election in New Hampshire, which was won by Trump, the apparently bipolar Republican, and Bernie Sanders, the progressive Democrat. 

The guest talking heads were both women, allegedly representative of the two respective parties. The Democrat was the first woman elected to Massachusetts state-wide (executive branch) office in 1999. She has subsequently become a talking head since she was defeated in the gubernatorial race by Republican Mitt Romney in 2002. Let it be known that getting beaten by a Mormon Republican in a major race in Massachusetts is like losing with two good legs in a race against people on crutches. 

Both 'political analysts' equated Bernie Sanders with Donald Trump as marginal candidates, despite Sanders' 20-point lead over Hillary Clinton in the final New Hampshire tally. They have no credibility as political analysts, in my opinion. They are sexist women who would support Hillary Clinton purely on the basis of genitalia. Their discussion of the differences between Sanders and Clinton revealed this. The shows hosts, one a man and the other a woman, were ineffectual at bring intelligent balance to the commentary. 

I sincerely hope Bernie Sanders does what Obama was unable to do, despite his history-making rise to the U.S. Presidency. Obama's "Yes We Can" became "We Could Have But...". I don't think Bernie Sanders would retreat from his obstacles in this fashion. I believe he would look directly at Americans and challenge them to support his ideas for their better interests. I believe Bernie would not fold to Wall Street, big banks, insurance conglomerates and the military-industrial complex. This may never work, since corporate power is becoming globally consolidated against the individual needs of average citizens. But I truly believe Bernie would give it his best shot without excuses if he fails.

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