Sunday, February 7, 2016


Migration is one obvious symptom of human overpopulation and its results, war and environmental deterioration. Fat populations in Europe and other wealthy areas of the world are scrambling to deal with invasion by the war-weary and desperate. Judeo-Christian ethics, which are seldom the guiding lights of real political policy anywhere, have suddenly inspired well-intentioned leaders and migrant advocates to throw open the doors to migrants in some parts of the world. Good motivation perhaps, but bad policy.

How do you treat a planet diseased by overpopulation by encouraging the spread of populations which are still having too many children with too few resources? How do you encourage people to question their choices and ideologies if you allow them to escape the consequences of those choices and ideologies? 

The sentimental religious types hold up small children as the justification for no scientific processing or design of effective planning. The poster child is used as a moralist shield and a political weapon. However, this manner of exploiting children who have already been victimized from birth into poverty is hardly humane or effective at getting to the roots of the problem. 

Australia has been re-implementing a border security measure since 2012 in reaction to the increasing flood of migrants into that country from its neighboring nations. This is a basic outline:

Australia's 'stop the boats' policy:

The previous Labor government reintroduced offshore processing in Nauru and Papua New Guinea in September 2012 - a policy it had ended in 2008 - whereby it pays outsourced contractors to operate and provide security at temporary detention camps for asylum seekers on the Pacific islands

It also reached a deal with Papua New Guinea that any asylum seekers judged to be genuine refugees would be resettled in Papua New Guinea, not Australia

The current Liberal-National coalition government adopted Labor's policies and expanded them, introducing Operation Sovereign Borders, which put the military in control of asylum operations

Under this policy military vessels patrol Australian waters and intercept migrant boats, towing them back to Indonesia or sending asylum seekers back in inflatable dinghies or lifeboats

In 2013 some 300 boats carrying illegal migrants reached Australia. In 2014 the number was just one


The obvious and immediate effectiveness of this policy is undeniable. Yet, some international NGO's and some political leaders have denounced the policy as cruel and inhumane. Why? I speculate that this form of hand-wringing liberalism is the surfacing of an underlying guilt in some human minds for the human history of colonial exploitation, slavery, racism, child abuse, etc.. In my opinion, the guiltier the nation, such as Germany, the louder the outcry, but hand-wringing does not produce solutions. 

Religious blabber about "justice' and "compassion" have done nothing to solve the root problems of current migration patterns. In fact, religion and ignorance have combined to guarantee that more and more migration will occur from undeveloped nations to wealthier nations. And that migration may morph into armed aggression and invasion. The misconceived model of developing nations by creating a wealthy diaspora abroad has failed miserably. Look at Somalia and Guatemala as glaring examples. 

The Australian approach has been scientific and effective within the limitations of capitalist greed, which most likely accounts for the poor conditions in some of the off-shore refugee processing camps. It is an experiment which has proven a working hypothesis: Don't open the door wide and they will stop pushing in. Australia has not stopped accepting legitimate refugees. It is processing those applications off-shore. Ideally, this will allow more legitimate political refugees to gain asylum as opposed to being overlooked in the mass of opportunistic economic migrants. 

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