Monday, February 8, 2016


As I hear the BBC broadcasting a piece on Muslims in the U.S., I wonder at the entitlement of the Muslims interviewed, mostly women. Media in Europe and U.S. have allowed a fusion between religion and genetic identity, such as skin color or sexual identity. The myth of "Islamophobia" is an intentional hijacking of "homophobia" by a religion which is highly and violently misogynist and homophobic worldwide. This is a cynical attempt to deny the outmoded and harmful beliefs promoted under the name of Islam. 

Religion is a choice. If you identify yourself as an adult adherent to a religion which inspires suspicion or fear, you must accept the consequences in whatever society you inhabit. This applies equally to Fundamentalist Christians, Orthodox Jews, Orthodox Catholics, etc.. Declaring your right to be honored and respected by everyone for your voluntary beliefs is simply ridiculous. To expect basic nonviolent civility under secular law in the U.S. is your right. But you are not entitled to approval or respect of your beliefs in misogyny, homophobia or moral superiority, worthy of enforcement with violence. 

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