Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Well performed science can strip away delusions and illusions which impede human progress. We live in an era of mixed blessings within the realm of science. Science has not yet evolved to the point of being a unified force for good. In fact, most scientific inquiry has evolved due to war and human suffering. In other words, science is still stuck in reactive mode. 

Why is science still so reactionary? Part of the answer may include the effects of capitalism on science. Science is funded for profits in most cases. Profits for manufacturers of weaponry, producers of electricity, manufacturers of cars, manufacturers of drugs, vendors of medical technology. Science is funded as remedy. 

Preventative science is rare. Look at the difficulty governments have had trying to deal with cigarettes, alcohol and poisonous food as a preventative measure to decrease disease. Capitalism stands shamelessly in the way under the slogan of "freedom of choice". The same capitalism which eliminates healthy choices and narrows freedom of choice in the political process of many nations employs advertising (mind manipulation) to convince customers to buy their products. This is not "freedom of choice". This is subjugation of the masses by money for money, and it will lead to eventual catastrophe.

The same intelligent people who will watch documentaries about other species with avid interest often fail to apply the lessons of those species to their own lives. The human frontal lobe can be a dangerous weapon of denial. We know bee colonies are collapsing under environmental stress, but there are the inevitable bee-collapse deniers. We know the planet is overpopulated by humans, yet wealthy, educated people defy Nature's message and employ IVF methods which produce twins, triplets and quadruplets. 

Yes, we are animals. We are becoming a dysfunctional species. Science, practiced ethically and preemptively for social good, is our way back to becoming a functional species. Religion, culture and egoism stand squarely and violently in the way of our own salvation. Predators among us still deny the needs of the many with money and guns. Opportunists among us bow to the predators. They finagle and aspire to join the predator class. The socially conscious scramble amidst the endless carnage produced by war, ignorance and poverty. The indigent wallow in whatever addiction eases their pain. 

Ethically applied science tells us there is a better way forward. It shines the light on the value of generalized public education. It shows us that free market capitalism which is unregulated by social conscience is a mindless greed grab by predators who subjugate whole societies. It has shown our potential to travel through our universe as opposed to killing each other with weapons. It offers clear alternatives to the destructive path we as a species have taken against Nature itself. 

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