Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Prevalence of Zika in January from CDC.

Scientists and ethicists are debating about whether or not to extinguish the mosquito species which carries the Zika virus. Imagine. I heard one ethicist proclaim that extinguishing a species like this mosquito was entirely ethical, without question. Simply a matter of self defense. Really?

Human beings are perhaps the most lethal species that this planet has come up with. Our behavior, observed as objectively as humanly possible, dispels any nonsense about Mother Earth or Gaia, watching beneficently over the planet and us. We massacre each other with abandon because we simply cannot implement the simple math of sustainable populations and equal resource-sharing which has been commonly understood for two centuries or more. 

"But we are not animals!" I can hear the dense refrain from my brothers and sisters who have followed the deluded mandate of their ancestors to procreate and "survive through their children". How about that salmon you will eat at some point? Do you suppose that salmon swam up stream in order to survive through its children? And, if it had, would it stop most human beings from eating it with dill and mustard sauce? I dare say, "No.". And would most people alive today really want to live through their children in the world they are going to leave behind? I dare say, "No." again. 

The basic double standard of being the top predator on this planet has made us destructive and lazy beyond sane comprehension. Some of us expiate our insanity by not eating the flesh of certain animals at various times. Others fast completely for periods of time. Increasingly, the majority stuff their pie holes to the point of becoming obese. 

When I hear the insanely genocidal mentality of some so-called biologists, I am reminded of my experience of being HIV positive in the early spread of that virus over thirty years ago. I remember the sanctimonious lectures directed at gay men to forego any sexual contact. I remember open discussion in pre-internet media about placing us all in concentration camps where we might just die off without spreading (our) plague.  

There are simple precautions people can take against Zika. A very specific carrier mosquito has been identified. Ways of limiting exposure are clear. Mitigating the breeding grounds of the species would not require gigantic expense to any society. And, avoiding pregnancy which would be effected during the mosquito's breeding season is simple math and would require using readily available contraceptive measures without any interference with the sex lives of heterosexuals. In fact, this could all be a big win for us and the planet which is groaning under our growing populations. 

I guess the question is, "Do human beings prize the quality of their future children's lives over their selfish or mindless determination to do things the way that have always been done?"

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