Saturday, March 12, 2016


Merkel: She'll be right back. 

I have been reading quite a bit of the mainstream media's propaganda about the European migrant crisis. I have concluded that the E.U.'s intentional opening of the European continent to Middle Eastern and African migrants is a calculated capitalist tactic to lower the standard of living for average Europeans and thereby lower expectations of future generations. It is the same tactic used in the U.S. recently, encouraged by Reagan's amnesty, until the populace refuted propaganda that told them that Central and South American migrants were a godsend for our nation's well being. The awakening of a frustrated middle class after 2008 forced a Democrat son of Kenya and the U.S. to begin massive deportations of illegal migrants under Presidential orders. 

It is in the interest of the international 1% who control most money and resources to confuse and dilute the 99%'s cultural integrity. By allowing the incursion of millions of culturally dissident migrants into Europe's heartland, indigenous Europeans will be distracted as the 1% politically dismantle the social security mechanisms which have supported their evolved lifestyles of education, vacation and secure retirement. It is a plan which allows the 1% to profit from wars outside the E.U. while stifling internal opposition within the E.U.. Divide and conquer.

Merkel's Mother-Theresa act is simply that. She is a shrewd politician, not a nun. The recent exclamations of horror in Berlin when a German opposition candidate in East German local elections suggested the German army protect German borders with force if necessary belie the absurdity and hypocrisy of the German government which has gladly sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill civilians there to please their U.S. partners in NATO. The many billions spent by NATO and European governments on ships to patrol the Mediterranean is conveniently forgotten as the E.U. cries to Greece and Italy that it would be impossible to keep migrants from their island shores. The Mediterranean is not the Atlantic or the Pacific. Routine technologically sophisticated patrols off the coasts of Africa and Turkey could easily turn back the majority of trafficker boats, if so ordered.

Israel, heavily funded by the E.U. and U.S., has enough patrol power to constantly keep weapon smuggling at bay off its shores. It could certainly expand its patrols in international waters along the East Coast of the Mediterranean. It would never agree to deal with traffickers of fleeing Muslims, I am sure, for obvious reasons. But why wouldn't the E.U. incorporate Israel's massive military into a coordinated plan for dealing with the migrant crisis discreetly?

The concerted effort of European media to belittle Donald Trump is supportive of my hypothesis. Trump is a rich renegade. He is a traitor to the quiet Bilderberg class of Europe. He threatens to disrupt their plans for European privatization and dismantling of socialist democracy by exposing the mad greed of those who have too much at the expense of too many. Trump admits his madness and greed openly. This is already spawning a socialist backlash in the U.S. which could potentially sweep Bernie Sanders into the presidency with a Democrat Congress in 2018. 

So, all these cries of "Islamophobia" and "xenophobia" should be taken with a grain of Mediterranean sea salt. They may well be masks of a greater plan by oligarchs to cow the remains of the educated European middle class into its own execution chamber. 

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