Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Jihadist march in London, UK, in front of French embassy.

The product of European ghettos has come to fruition. Brussels has a Muslim ghetto which has been housing and incubating terrorists. Police investigations have revealed that local Muslims have been turning the other way or passively collaborating with those with radical Islamic ideology. Accepting this and learning from it is not being Islamophobic. It is the realization that dominating ethnic or religious identities, promoted ruthlessly by Western multiculturalism in recent decades, has been counterproductive in developing truly multi-faceted, democratic civilization in some localities. 

Distrust those who readily shout "Discrimination!" when their religion or ethnicity are looked at skeptically and logically. Distrust those who cry out against assimilation into their adopted cultures. Distrust those who refuse to educate their children in the their resident culture. They are the ones most likely to place their narrow identities above the welfare of greater human society. 

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